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Scouts and mother agencies are "finding" models obviously. How is it racist? Based on previous statements I'm pretty sure it's clear that I am FOR more diversity. But some geographic regions don't produce as many 5'11 34 hip girls as other regions do. And that is scientifically speaking, based on research on body composition, genetics, fat patterning, bone density and just plain evolution. It also comes down to the fact that scouts stick to where they know they'll find models who will work.

That’s not what I was asking. I was inquiring into what kind of people are looking for models and what they are looking for. Agencies by and large scout with a racist eye, and, rather than explore new communities in which to scout, seem stubbornly to persist in the handful of international (white) model goldmines they have found. It is lazy and it is racist.

Like, I know you want your assumptions about white models having better proportions to be rooted in science, but show me the receipts. Show me that research. Show me the proof. You are talking out of your ass.

  1. thebad69 said: i mean even if this is the case, that’s just a reflection of the colonial, racist understanding of beauty. proportions associated with whiteness become the paradigm.
  2. teacakes said: "evolution" holy shit really
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