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i'm loving the latest pack of haircut girls, who else would you like to see get the chop?

In which I play Tyra/God…

  • Ruby-Jean Wilson should actually get the Marc Jacobs mullett like she had in the show. Remember when Jana Kauerova had that bleached mullet from Balenicaga? That was so good…
  • Ginta Lapina should get a Mia Farrow and cash in on the mod throwback for a Twiggy drag moment…
  • Jacquelyn Jablonski could get an angular Karliesque cut, but sleeker.
  • Nastya Kusakina should dye her hair red, even though doing so would literally destroy Codie Young’s career.
  • Patrycja Gardigaijlo should get a short boy’s cut.
  • Yumi Lambert should shave her head.
  1. blueymcphluey said: omg Jacquelyn
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