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naw the hate was unwarranted there and i thought TF was an interesting (albeit frustrating) view into her path to adulthood. i like her but i feel like her refusal to check herself about race on the show and saying its hard to write for PoC is a cop out

i honestly don’t see what else she could have done without bringing in other writers, which is a really difficult thing to do on a smaller project like girls

the “racially charged” in the show makes a lot of sense to me because it demonstrates how unqualified white people are to engage with the PoC experience

it’s an issue of representation, and i wouldn’t think a person of color would feel comfortable placing any degree of her racial/medial representation into the hands of a privileged white girl. i think lena dunham knows this and does the only thing she can do.

i guess that leads to the question of “why do we need to watch a show about a privileged white girl struggling in new york?” i think the show is remote to a lot of people in that way, but i think the show’s representation of other stuff (sex, being 20-something, not having a lot of money, being an artist) is honest. yes, most of it is white sex, being a white 20 something, etc. but where does that specificity end and universality begin? i’m not sure, but i think there’s got to be a some of the latter in there somewhere

  1. teacakes said: i totally agree but the only thing that irks me is the attitude of herself and the other writers (especially lesley arfin) about addressing anything involving PoC, that’s it
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