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You're not living in the real world, you're living in Judith Butler's. Its a quite small one, you'll find. You'll probably also find that your little post structural queer critical theory talking points won't get you too far if you want to act, hence why you didn't get a role. Take me to town with your little theories, they mean nothing and are absolutely irrelevant.

I’ve been clear I don’t want “to act.” I choose my work. I’m not going to audition for something if it doesn’t interest me. I’m not going to DO anything if it doesn’t interest me. I know I can’t make it as an actor, so I’m doing my own thing. I like to be onstage, and I can get credit for it at school, so I audition. The last three semesters of that have been great, but this is not what I want to do with my life.

There’s no need to be so mean to me.

  1. cloudnoise said: Wow this person is unpacking a pretty icky suitcase here, and it’s really inconsiderate to do it all over your house as if you packed it for them
  2. rat-butt said: :( i’m like sad that this person was so mean
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