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It’s interesting because I would always get cast in very masculine roles in high school—either super butch roles or drag roles! I used to present myself at auditions in more of a masculine light, but it never felt totally comfortable. This time around, I auditioned in a skirt with a female monologue. In my previous auditions, I auditioned in pants with a female monologue. I’ve been cast as a man before, and I probably will again…but that’s not what I’m looking to explore right now in performance. It’s just not.

That’s why I don’t want to be an “actor” as my livelihood, because it would be so hard to do that on my own terms what with me being who I am.

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  1. blueymcphluey said: it’s been interesting watching your life goals evolve over the past few years
  2. debbiemoonpieslaststand said: and the thing is, it will probably never change. it sucks.
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