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Please unfollow me if you are a proponent of Galliano’s return to fashion.

I am up to here with those who romanticize his spite and disease and make him out to be in any way misunderstood—or worse, wronged.

His work as a designer is impressive and it has appeared on my blog several times, but that does not mean that it belongs anywhere but in the past where it can no longer benefit his lot.

It is rare that I feel victimized or misunderstood as a Jew, but this whole situation with Galliano and his fans have revealed to me a big fat hole in general sympathies.

Voicing Nazi sympathies is way, way beyond the pale. It is inexcusable and indescribable to me. That historic ethos of total violence and hate is harder to internalize than I thought for those to whom it does not directly apply. Drunken words beget a sober mind, and Galliano praised the precipitant man and the attached ideologies behind the most expansive and horrific genocide in world history.

I don’t think a lot of people realize that Galliano’s return to fashion would be a tremendously violent symbolic gesture: a condonation of what he might still think and what we know he said. 

"Might" is enough for me, tipping the scale against "the magic of fashion."

Like, get some fucking perspective.

  1. handygay said: PREACH, I personally think sentiments would have been harsher in the fashion industry if he had belittled women or homosexuals or gender-queer individuals. The fact that the industry is willing to look past anti-antisemitism is sad.
  2. cloudnoise said: Did this make it into the fashion tag, because it needs to be there. Eloquent and on fucking point bb.
  3. blueymcphluey said: do we need to have a talk
  4. satinvisions said: hear hear
  5. panro said: amen my jewish sista
  6. thevenusofurbino said: i agree 100%
  7. russiawithoutputin said: i love the way you have with words when you’re talking about a serious subject that is very public but at the same time extremely important to you personally! i aspire to be as eloquent as you
  8. love-less said: forever redirecting people to clips from night and fog for a VERY abbreviated reminder of why that shit is not cute.
  9. rat-butt said: what the fuck
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