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okay so i don’t mean to be braggy sally but it has always been a dream of mine to try my hand at high fashion casting and i know that i already posted about it but preston asked me today at vfiles if i would assist him for the fall/winter 2014 shows in february

he’s casting jeremy laing, eckhaus latta, and probably suno (!) and maybe a few others 

i’m so excited and i feel very lucky and i was talking about this with tommy today—it’s weird

there are so many kids on the ~*fashion internet*~ who, like, worship fashion, worship models…as much as i feel like i deserve this cool little nugget of work i feel like i really have the internet to thank for all the preexisting model/fashion knowledge i already had coming into this internship (this job is outside of the internship actually). there are so many kids out there just like me. i’m starting to see that work in this field comes from location, location, location more than anything—being at the right place at the right time. it’s cool and of course i’m elated, but i’m trying to look at the situation realistically too

  1. rat-butt said: you’re such a huge inspiration and i love you and thats all <3
  2. blueymcphluey said: boo let me into america already
  3. commeface said: oh wow! im so pleased for you and happy for you, congratulations!
  4. omsnoms said: ah that’s so great!!!!!!! i’m rly happy for you :3
  5. dustulator said: actually so happy for you rn
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