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imageteacakes replied to your post: i was actually talking about this with zak last…

as long as you recognize that bc you don’t really ever seem to complain about your body. being outwardly “fit” looking is a compromise of time and energy. spending it on other things is fine, like ndb. as long as you remain almond salad diva!!!

but like fuck an almond salad

i love almond salad, but i don’t want to hear shit about if i’m gonna sit on my ass and eat a burrito

ugh this all boils down to a culture/power war

it’s something i cannot help but buy into

i just hate bodies like goodbye

  1. cloudnoise said: God fuck anything that keeps anyone from feeling absolutely in love with their bodies
  2. blueymcphluey said: wow almond salad diva sfm
  3. frescos said: self love has many forms n_n
  4. teacakes said: I didn’t have enough space to say that it’s also an amazing display of self love to just eat the fuck out a burrito!!! IDK what your reply says but if it says burrito i am gonna cry because MOM
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